India and Russia are coming to meet Africa!

A high-level delegation from India, headed by Sandhya Mendonca of Global Village India, will be travelling to South Africa to attend the Future of Trade Expo from May 30 – June 1 2011. An infuential business delegation from World Trade Center Moscow is also expected, including Deputy Director Ivan G. Ulanov. This is partly thanks to the cementing of BRICS, but also as a result of the ties formed with the World Trade Center Africa Initiative.

Global Village India

WTC Mumbai Team at the 2011 EMEA event in Brussels

The Indian territories consist of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Pune and Surat. Global Village India has published three books in the series in India: BEST OF BANGALORE, BEST OF GOA and BEST OF CHENNAI. The BEST of books have been duly recognised as the perfect representation of the city’s best names. The first edition of BEST OF INDIA became one of the most prestigious publishing projects ever undertaken in the country.

An international business atlas in a coffee table format, BEST OF INDIA is being published by Global Village Publications India Pty Ltd – part of the GVP network that publishes the BEST OF series in 35 countries. The books celebrate the success of renowned companies and are distributed across the global network.

BEST OF INDIA is a defnitive guide to the region’s finest in tourism, leisure, hospitality, lifestyle, luxury and commerce. A business atlas as much as a vital coffee table presence, the book reaches top companies across the international network. It is an elegant book and an ideal corporate gift and resourceful marketing collateral that showcase the major businesses and institutions of this region in their best light. BEST OF INDIA is the ideal calling card for investors, tourists, and the media and is designed to create interest in any forum – trade fairs, road shows and international events.

CEO & Editor-in-Chief Sandhya Mendonca

Sandhya Mendonca, Global Village India Publisher

A seasoned journalist who has worked with prestigious newspapers and magazines until she became a media entrepreneur, Sandhya exemplifes the convergence of skills needed for both roles that she plays in the company. She is a post graduate in Political Science and has a PGD in Public Relations. With a keen eye for detail, she heads the editorial team and specialises in incisive copy. She has a yen for travel which she uses to put to good use by opening up new territories for the growing the GVP footprint.

Trade organisations like the WTC which are very active in Europe and Africa are our partners in the BEST OF books in their regions. We are pursuing similar partnerships in India with prominent industry bodies for the BEST OF INDIA.

Following the successes of BEST OF BANGALORE, BEST OF GOA and BEST OF CHENNAI, we are now working on publishing the BEST OF INDIA.

World Trade Center Moscow’s Mission

World Trade Center Moscow

The prime mission of WTC Moscow is to support the trade community’s objectives in international business and trade and to create an objective notion of the business resources and goals of the region. This is achieved by rendering a wide range of in-house services associated with the global commerce, as well as by developing projects that meet the standards of the global trade and create benefts for the WTC members.

Reciprocity and co-operation are the fundamental tenets of World Trade Centers Association and therefore are vitally important to all its members. It means that a member of one WTC is a member of a network of more than 300 WTC that covers every corner of the globe. Each WTC extends reciprocal privileges to members of any other WTC in the world. This global network of collaboration is a major factor in the ties with World Trade Center Africa Initiative.

The WTC does not attempt to compete with organisations already involved in world trade. Instead, it aims to assist them by offering a setting that permits these organisations to flourish – and to complement these organisations by offering programs and services that are not available elsewhere.

Ivan G. Ulanov, Deputy Director WTC Moscow

WTC Moscow offers its clients numerous additional services, and well developed infrastructure of the world class business centre. These tenant services range from accommodation to business services and office spaces.

WTC Moscow is the biggest business centre in Russia. It offers over 500 services to its customers – a well-developed infrastructure creating all conditions for business and leisure, high level of quality services and competence of the staff attract WTC businessmen from many countries of the world. Today the WTC Moscow tenants comprise of over 400 Russian and foreign companies, banks, travel agencies, as well as national and international organisations involved in development of international co-operation.

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